When it comes to your IT and your business, security isn’t optional.

Your line of defence

See how our cybersecurity services can keep your IT infrastructure stable and make sure your business keeps running smoothly.

What’s in it
for you?

Protecting your devices, software, data, and networks ultimately means protecting your company’s finances, reputation, and even survival.

Risk reduction

It doesn’t matter whether a data breach was malicious or a mistake: it’s still dangerous to your business. Keep the risk as low as possible.


Companies are facing more and more IT compliance requirements, especially from their cyber insurance providers. Let us help you streamline and automate your processes.

Downtime avoidance

Data breaches and security incidents can bring your business to a halt. Avoid all the hassle and inconvenience.

Client confidence

CEOs and shareholders are increasingly concerned about cybersecurity risks. Reassure them that sensitive and personal information is being handled securely.

Our security agents:
always on guard

Workstations and servers

Protect your company’s workstations against external threats and intrusions like viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans, and ransomware.


Get an email security service with proven features. Our spam filtering and malware protection have the highest detection rates on the market.

Internet protection

Get the best protection against Internet snooping with a unified approach to network security and advanced prevention, detection, correlation, and response, from the perimeter to the endpoint.

Maximum security with ATP

With our advanced threat protection (ATP) service, you get robust protection against fast-spreading threats and infected emails, such as CEO fraud and phishing.

Email security

Cybersecurity training

Your business is at risk of threats from emails that harbour hidden viruses or phishing attempts. We can help your employees prevent failures and data loss.

Workstation security service


Benefit from the latest generation of security solutions for highly effective protection. Your solution is installed on every workstation, then integrated and maintained by our experts.


An extra layer of security. Continuous monitoring detects suspicious user behaviour and hacking attempts.

Web snooping

By blocking malicious DNS requests and using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate malware detection, we equip workstations with security measures that prevent unauthorized activity while your team members are peacefully surfing the Internet.

More security

When connecting to a workstation, server, remote server, VPN, or even a cloud application, secure authentication through a single platform should be the norm. Security needs to be user-friendly.

Microsoft 365 backup

Our infinite backup solution for the full Microsoft 365 environment strengthens your security and makes sure your data stays available even when Microsoft services are interrupted. It also lets you recover your data if it’s accidentally deleted or there’s a cyberattack.


Our wide range of security services includes ransomware protection. Malware installed without your knowledge can block your access to computer files in seconds, or even paralyze your entire company. Protect your entire corporate network with our advice, tools, and monitoring.


Ask for a quote to find the solution that perfectly suits your company and budget.


We provide tailor-made services and security through different packages. Figure out which is right for you.


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