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Joining forces with Black IP 360 is a worthwhile investment in many ways. Here are just a few reasons to put our team’s genius to work for you!


Our experienced team is always on top of the latest developments, so you get the very best in IT. Boost your company’s productivity and effectiveness with finely tuned tools and optimized infrastructure.


Our support means your company doesn’t have to pay for an in-house IT team. State-of-the-art cybersecurity protects you from frustrating economic risks. Cloud computing lets you avoid spending a lot of money on IT equipment. All at a price that’s tailored to your needs.


We make sure your IT infrastructure is stable and reliable, just like our support. With Black IP 360, you can rest assured that your files will remain accessible, processes and configuration will be optimized, essential updates will be made, and viruses will be kept at bay.

Peace of mind

Whether you need user services, infrastructure support, cloud computing, preventive maintenance, or cybersecurity, you can rest easy knowing you’re supported by a dedicated, expert team.


New workstation setup, user support, updates, real-time computer monitoring, security service, and more.

On-site or


Inventory, new equipment setup, real-time equipment and network monitoring, backups, snooping protection, and more.


Workstations and servers

Stay productive with real-time remote monitoring of your critical servers, workstations, and services. We’re proactive because our agent constantly keeps us up to date on the health and performance of your devices thanks to the connected incident management console.

Network and telecommunications equipment

With our real-time remote monitoring of network equipment, our systems notify us of outages or breakdowns before you even know they’re happening. That lets us spring into action and save you costly downtime.

Management support


We make sure you have an up-to-date, working copy of your servers and data, both off-site and off-network. That means you can quickly retrieve complete files or servers for rollback if needed. Military-grade encryption, space-saving compression, frequent backups, defence against cyberattacks… you get it all.

IT inventory

In no time at all, we can gather a list of assets, software, local or cloud accesses, detected configuration changes, and much more.

Server/systems maintenance

We can update your operating systems, software, and applications to keep them available, efficient, and secure.



Do you need password support? Secure authentication for a service? The ability to detect malicious emails or vulnerabilities in your network or Microsoft 365 environment? We have the solution.


Over 95% of attacks begin with an email. That’s just one reason why you should prioritize regular cybersecurity training for your employees to prevent computer crises.

Collaboration tools

You get access to our systems (incident reporting, monitoring agent, secure password vault, and more) so you can constantly stay informed and benefit from a platform to communicate and collaborate.


Ask for a quote to find the solution that perfectly suits your company and budget.


We provide tailor-made services and security through different packages. Figure out which is right for you.


Check out the FAQ section to find answers to questions that are frequently asked by our clients.