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for IT outsourcing

Turn to a reliable partner who can manage your IT while keeping your data safe from cybercriminals and giving you the best return on your investment.


Managed services

Count on fast, courteous, and experienced support to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. Do you need troubleshooting? Advice? Installation? We’re ready to take on all your IT challenges. Total peace of mind guaranteed.


From the user level to the cloud level, our experts are ready to help with configuration and applying best practices. They’ll even provide training! We turn your IT struggles into success stories. Take your company’s efficiency and innovation to the next level.


Protect your digital assets. We monitor infrastructure stability and detect intrusions. We’ve built our reputation on our ability to protect networks, devices, and data. For you, cybersecurity shouldn’t be an expense—it should be an investment to protect your assets.

Black IP 360 cloud

Explore the potential of the Black IP 360 cloud. Lower your costs and manage your IT infrastructure better with our cloud solutions. Our customized, scalable services make collaboration and teleworking a breeze, all while guaranteeing superior data security.

Why choose us

Guaranteed solid IT infrastructure

With Black IP 360, you’re getting a robust and reliable technological foundation. We’re a team of true IT experts, and we’re ready to transform your tech challenges into resounding successes.

We aren’t just a supplier, either: we’re also a critical trusted partner in your business ecosystem. We’re committed to being more than just a helper. We become an extension of your business, making sure that every aspect of your IT is managed efficiently and securely. Together, we’re building a stronger technological future. We take care of your IT!

Always innovating and evolving

In the fast-changing world of technology and cybersecurity, we stay alert and proactive. We’re constantly finding ways to take our solutions and services to the next level. We stay on top of the latest developments so we can anticipate emerging threats and cybercriminals’ most sophisticated techniques.

Our aim is clear: to offer solutions for the needs of today while predicting and adapting to the challenges of tomorrow. By turning to our experts, you’re choosing top-notch security and IT performance. Our solutions are designed to evolve and adapt to the shifting technological landscape.

Comprehensive expertise

At Black IP 360, our technical team doesn’t just meet expectations: it exceeds them. Our IT specialists (we affectionately call them our “geeks”) have years of multidisciplinary experience and expertise, and they’re the driving force behind our innovative solutions.

We also believe in a diverse team, where each member brings a distinctive skillset and unique perspective. That lets us cover a wide range of technological fields and offer comprehensive, customized solutions to every IT challenge we encounter.

When you choose Black IP 360, you’re getting cutting-edge technical expertise, of course, but you’re also getting total peace of mind thanks to our comprehensive managed services. We take care of every part of your IT systems, so you can focus on your business.

A partner first and foremost

At Black IP 360, our relationships with our clients go well beyond service relationships. For us, clients are so much more than just clients—they’re our privileged partners. We value working closely together, like family members. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, offering both the convenience of an in-house technician and the advanced knowledge of true experts.

In fact, we’ve removed the word “client” from our vocabulary altogether. Here, you’re first and foremost a partner. That philosophy drives every one of our interactions and decisions so we can make sure that your IT needs and goals aren’t just understood, but also fully baked into our support strategy.

When you work with Black IP 360, you aren’t just gaining an IT service provider. You’re adding a skilled and dedicated team member, a partner who cares deeply about your growth and success.


Scalable security to suit your needs

All the remote IT support you need: monitoring, follow-up, maintenance, advice, and more. Reliability, security, and continuous improvement are standard.

Help Desk Micro

A package tailor-made for companies with 10 users or fewer: support, security, and quality communications tools available at optimum cost

Help Desk 360

The ideal package for fully replacing IT staff: a complete solution for companies that need support and enhanced security, for worry-free IT management

Help Desk 360+

A package for the most complex and demanding IT environments: all the benefits of the 360 package as well as exhaustive support and high-level cybersecurity

Help Desk Server

A package meant for companies that are more independent when it comes to IT, but still want a partner with management and security tools so they can keep their business going

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