Black IP 360 cloud

Your favourite cloud, even in fair weather

You’ll be in seventh heaven!

Availability above all: Tier 3 data centre

The Black IP 360 cloud is perfect for companies with high demands for e-commerce and IT processes that run smoothly, where IT exchanges are vital.

All the benefits of being in the cloud

Cloud computing lets data be stored in a location away from its end users. Stay on the cutting edge of technology without excessive IT investment.


Your employees can all access the data from the devices they already use. There’s no equipment to configure or maintain, so deployment is fast and integration is simple. Instantly access data and make hybrid work a breeze.


Unlike hardware, cloud computing means you don’t have to make major purchasing, repair, and maintenance investments. And the time-saving benefits of cloud computing mean your productivity and profits can soar.

Peace of mind

Our data centre has reliable redundancy for many of its components, like backup servers, multiple Internet connections, and multiple power and cooling systems. Everything you need for peace of mind.


Whether you have one application or a multitude, cloud computing easily grows with you. So you can reach for the stars!

Data security above all

We know you want to make it easier to coordinate and manage your activities, but never at the expense of security. We implement best practices because our clients’ security is essential to our success. In particular, cloud computing helps limit data loss, and real-time or scheduled copies make it easier to recover business-critical information. Cloud security tools can also better prevent data breaches (and help you recover them if they do happen) while letting you monitor user activity and detect intrusions.

The Black IP 360 cloud

For your servers

Reduce your IT purchasing and management burden by using the Internet to benefit from third-party servers. It gives you access to all the space you need to store and archive your data. Availability, productivity, and security guaranteed.

For your applications

All your employees can access all your applications and your company’s IT system from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. No offline systems, just collaboration at its best.

For your backups and copies

A cloud that’s a perfect backup space. Get secure backups, safe from incidents that could cause corruption or loss. For maximum availability and mobility, you can even make copies on separate environments.

Practical tips before you
choose this type of service

Identify your needs: Figure out your storage, access, and security needs.

Learn the benefits of the cloud: Learn about benefits like flexibility and cost savings.

Make a migration plan: Plan how you’re going to transfer your data and applications.

Check the security: Make sure the security measures meet your standards.

Train your staff: Organize training sessions on how to use the cloud effectively.

Choose the right partner: Make sure your partner is reliable and experienced.

Confirm scalability: Check whether the service can grow with you.

Consider the total cost: Calculate the direct and indirect costs, as well as the productivity gains.


Ask for a quote to find the solution that perfectly suits your company and budget.


We provide tailor-made services and security through different packages. Figure out which is right for you.


Check out the FAQ section to find answers to questions that are frequently asked by our clients.