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Marketing for Business

A great partner wishes you success in all areas of your business. Consult with BlackIP 360 to receive a marketing strategy designed for your goals.

Audit and marketing recommendations

Have you ever audited the marketing of your business? With a simple analysis of your website, analytical reports and social media, you could increase your marketing performance and improve your returns. With that said, BlackIP 360 wants to help you reach the maximum of your business potential.

Consultation and marketing strategy

Sometimes it is advisable to do business with a third party in order to have an external evaluation to validate whether the decisions taken have a positive result for your organization. As a business partner, we have understood that it is important to ally with experts who will have the best interests for our company.

Management and marketing integration

Who should you turn to for support of your marketing campaigns? At BlackIP we make sure to be a 360 partner. Having said that, your success is our success, so if you are looking for an expert to manage your marketing, we are able to come to your help so you reach your marketing goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of managed services that you offer?

End user services, infrastructure support, cloud services, cybersecurity services, technology support

Which cloud is better hosting or dedicated server?

Cloud hosting offer scalable server resource allocation based on hardware virtualization, whereas dedicated server plans include a fixed allocation.

What are data security tools?

Data security tools are capable of improving both the prevention and recovery processes involved in data breaches. They can also help monitor user activity, detect intrusions, and mitigate issues.

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Get an assessment for your business in 3 simple steps