How is cloud technology changing the way we work?

Cloud technology has the potential to generate a series of disruptions that will ripple out from the tech industry and ultimately transform many industries around the world,” said once John Hagel, co-chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge, Deloitte’s Silicon Valley-based research center. And he was not far from the truth.

Since then, cloud technology revolutionized pretty much everything. Especially the way we use the Internet. Suddenly, all of our important information is backed up and stored in a central location – a location that we can assess from any computer and mobile device.

Cloud technology is shaping up new business models through shared computing resources and propelling business innovation. No matter the industry, everything from taxis to handymen services are being streamlined across the cloud. Businesses across all sectors are now able to design and build their operating models around technological capabilities, all thanks to the cloud. This helps to improve flexibility and efficiency to extend business reach into global markets, taking advantage of global value chains.

Consumer perspective

In the consumer space, cloud has completely revolutionized the way we think about investing in and owning physical assets. For example, we stream music and films, rather than investing in physical records, downloads or DVDs. We often talk about ‘consumers’ and’ businesses’ separately, forgetting there’s an important association between them. At the end of the day, businesses are run and managed by ‘consumers’ in another facet of life. This means that as we become increasingly dependent on instant services and transactions, business leaders are taking these expectations with them into their corporate lives. This turns into increased demand for cloud providers that can offer this level of streamlined, flexible, instant access.

Always up-to-date

There are individuals or teams of people at small, medium, and large companies that spend their hours creating and updating project plans or tracking workflow through a process manually. They produce one-off gantt charts, purpose-built, fragile spreadsheets, and single-use PowerPoint status update slide decks. At its worst, this creates an us-versus-them dynamic between managers and teams. This is all too painful given the tech that is being built today. Now,  every spreadsheet, deal, and contact detail is stored in a centralized location that we can access at our leisure.

One of the biggest ways that cloud technology has revolutionized the way we work is by creating an environment where we’re always prepared.


There are, of course, more ways cloud technology has changed the way we work. The Cloud may have started out as a ripple in a sea of data solutions and business technology, but in just a few years it has become the primary way we do work.

One is for sure. Cloud technology opens up avenues for innovation and disruption in all businesses. As businesses continue to expand and data stockpiles, the cloud will provide new ways to build fast and flexible systems.

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