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Providing technical support to your business

IT Help Desk Support

The IT help desk support technician has the responsibility to supervise and provide troubleshooting support to the end-user. Along with the responsibilities, the technician will escalate the problems to a higher level if necessary.

What are the main responsibilities of a helpdesk?

• Manage Help Desk tickets in a timely manner
• Respond to customer issues via phone, email and computer chat
• Provide customer assistance
• Document customer interactions
• Run diagnostics to resolve customer reported issues
• Escalate issues to the next Tier with next level of difficulty
• Install, make changes and repair computer hardware and software
• Follow-up with customers to ensure issues are resolved

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of managed services that you offer?

End user services, infrastructure support, cloud services, cybersecurity services, technology support

Which cloud is better hosting or dedicated server?

Cloud hosting offer scalable server resource allocation based on hardware virtualization, whereas dedicated server plans include a fixed allocation.

What are data security tools?

Data security tools are capable of improving both the prevention and recovery processes involved in data breaches. They can also help monitor user activity, detect intrusions, and mitigate issues.

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