How do you choose a good data center?

How do you choose a good data center?

There is no doubt that choosing the right data center location to properly house your virtual infrastructure and data can be crucial. Especially when it comes to avoiding the debilitating costs of unplanned downtime. Now, you can find as many data centers available to all types of businesses as possible, but finding the best fit isn’t the easiest decision for business owners at all. It requires a lot of trust and consideration, and each facility has different standards and services.

As proper data management is what makes data centers a valuable asset to any company, there are a couple of tips that businesses need to consider before choosing a good data center for them. Otherwise, businesses risk serious issues when choosing the wrong data center location.

Tips on how to choose the right data center

  1. Location

Location, as the first thing to think of when choosing a good data center, is one of the most important factors in the whole process. There are many data center locations out there, but the right facility should have a physical location that’s easily accessible for someone from your business when necessary. Take into consideration how the area is susceptible to natural disasters like tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

  • Security

Having a proper security system is a must. Bear in mind that your data center will house all your enterprise data and applications. A potential breach could mean disaster for your business. Data centers should use software and technology that protect your assets, as well as also have physical security barriers including multiple security layers.

  1. Scalability

While a data center might be able to meet your current needs, will it also support your future growth in case your business expands? Every data center is different in its flexibility and therefore it’s vital to find a data center that can keep up with your demands – current and future ones.

  1. Connectivity

Some data centers are limited to just a few network carriers, so the ideal data center should be carrier-neutral and offer multiple fiber entrances. In case your business needs lightning-fast connectivity to major telecommunications providers, you should definitely look into a cloud provider whose hubs are located in data center co-locations which also house the leading telecom providers.

  1. Reliability

Having a backup source of power is essential to a suitable data center. According to research, 93% of companies that lost their data center for ten days or more because of a disaster had to file for bankruptcy within one year. What does that mean? Look for a reliability percentage over 99% to avoid joining this bankruptcy statistic.

Make the right decision

Choosing a data center is an important decision that supports your business’s future growth so you must carefully consider all the factors to find the right data.

Remember, choose carefully as it is hard and expensive to move data around once stuck in some data center you picked before and are not satisfied with.

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